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Improve your analytics, speed-to-market and results with Integrated Machine Learning

Earnix introduces Integrated Machine Learning technology designed for demanding, high-performance real-time enterprise production systems, that will deliver a new level of market responsiveness and analytical sophistication. Users will easily be able to combine existing algorithms built using traditional General Linear Modeling (GLM), with cutting-edge machine learning techniques such as Random Forest and Gradient Boosting Machines. Using this new technology allows for working with far more complex algorithms and reduces time-to-market decision-making from weeks to minutes.


Machine learning for every stage of your analytical journey

Novice User

Earnix Professional Services team will assist you in
creating machine learning models and embedding

Intermediate User

Use Earnix Integrated Machine Learning in combination with existing best-in-class algorithms and machine learning libraries.

Expert User

Import organization proprietary algorithms or libraries which have been built into Earnix Integrated Machine Learning or build net new models directly in the software.

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7 Ways Earnix
are using
machine learning

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