What sparks your interest in new ideas? How do you learn about the important trends that will propel your business? In a world dominated by online newsletters and webinars, the concept of meeting face-to-face with thought leaders and peers does not get enough attention.

Sure, staying current through internet-based channels is fast, easy and inexpensive. But there is little doubt that face-to-face meetings such as industry conferences, user-group meetings and the like, offer participants a level of insight unmatched by today’s media.

That’s why Earnix organizes what many say is the premier, global conference for analytics innovation in the financial services industry. We have assembled many of the world’s leading practitioners in applying advanced analytics in financial services. It would be hard to find a comparable gathering that offers so many industry thought leaders on such a focused set of topics.

Attendees at the sixth annual Earnix Summit, being held November 8th-9th in the City of London, will have the opportunity to hear from 27 industry trend-setters who are breaking new ground in applying machine learning and AI techniques in analytics; leveraging telematics in behavior-based pricing algorithms; and improving customer engagement by shifting to customer-centric marketing from the siloed product-centric marketing approach.

Designed for those in the insurance and banking industries who are seeking to enhance their data-driven decision-making process, attendees will include both senior analytics executives and line-of-business executives. Both share a common interest in enabling advanced analytics to make a meaningful impact on their bottom lines.

In addition to the presentations made in our plenary sessions and industry break-out groups, delegates will have ample time to meet with their peers to discuss best practices one-on-one. These may be the most valuable conversations, because they often provide new, eye-opening approaches to common challenges. Delegates of past conferences have raved about their access to peers, who face similar challenges and can provide new perspectives. Nothing can replace this level of knowledge sharing.

In addition to the industry-level thought leadership, Dr. Reuven Shnaps, Earnix Chief Analytics Officer, will lead a Workshop series that will provide in-depth updates on product features, case studies and best practices. Earnix’s Vice President of Product, Yaron Lavie, will present the Earnix product roadmap; and Earnix CEO Udi Ziv will present an industry update and the Earnix company strategy.

In a world characterized by an information overload, the Earnix Analytics & Innovation Summit will provide attendees with an abundance of new ideas, and access to people who share a passion for converting the potential of data-driven decisions into real business outcomes.

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