For Insurance Software Company Earnix, More Acquisition Targets Will Follow Its Driveway Deal

Earnix CEO Udi Ziv predicts his company will pursue more acquisitions in the coming months.

News that the Israel-based software company focused on insurers and banks would seek more M&A targets as part of its growth strategy follows its recent acquisition of California-based Driveway Software Corp., a telematics provider that relies on artificial intelligence. With that, the Israeli-based Earnix is developing an expansion plan that uses Driveway’s consumer telematic s app as a core component within its own Usage-Based Insurance/Behavior-Based Insurance offering.

Ziv and his team did plenty of market research before zeroing in on Driveway. Below, Ziv explains to Carrier Management Editor Mark Hollmer details about that process and what the company expects to be focused on in the weeks and months ahead.