AI-powered Banking & Insurance Personalization

Personalization enables banking and insurance companies to perform like digital-native industry leaders. Being able to define, personalize, and deploy AI-powered offers and bundles across their enterprise creates the ability to provide a more streamlined customer journey that improves the bottom line.

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Stay ahead of the market curve with technology that’s already there

Not having the analytical agility to quickly model complex “what-if” scenarios and business simulations to improve decision-making makes it difficult for insurance carriers and banking institutions to offer products and pricing that meet customers’ changing needs right where they are.

With Earnix, we can deliver the best product, at the best price, with the best messaging, and in the most effective marketing channel, and we can do it all extremely quickly and in response to real-time market changes.

– Paul Davies Head of Data Science, Domestic and General, D&G

Faster tailored offerings for increased profitability

The ability to deploy new insurance product personalization configurations faster can lead to an increase in cross-selling, upselling and overall total sales. Additionally, you can improve customer engagement and loyalty, and overcome the challenge of low agent promotion of add-ons, as you deliver the most appropriate insurance package to customers.

Non-traditional approaches. Exceptional results.

Personalize customer experiences and become a value-adding organization in real-time by avoiding current misalignments. For example, stop sending customers with a high balance a generic message for a loan and start providing a tailored offer like a 24/7 road toll assistance add-on for heavy night drivers.

Increasing add-on sales and premiums with a single solution

A leading European insurer increased the number of add-ons sold per policy by 80% while increasing the add-on premium per policy by 66% with Earnix’s Insurance Personalization offering.

Build sound strategies with our data-driven products to reach your business goals

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