Deliver highly personalized mobile telematics insurance offers

With robust driving behavior data plus an intuitive mobile app, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to having dynamic pricing capabilities and generating predictive, personalized packages.

Bring your UBI programs to life

For the most part, insurers have resorted to third-party mileage trackers and other basic products for driver behavior data collection, the inconsistencies, and inefficiencies of which have led to expensive operational costs. Today, most telematics vendors still only provide a single driver score or a limited set of metrics, and insurers are having a hard time leveraging insights to forecast demand for their telematics portfolio.

Start improving your top-line revenue and bottom-line profits

When you make the most of telematics data, you’re able to manage the entire UBI lifecycle. Not only will you improve your ability to determine demand and profitability, but you’ll gain a new way to increase lifetime value, customer engagement, and retention.

Put operational efficiency into overdrive

Combining rich mobile telematics data and existing end customer data sets with dynamic pricing capabilities allows you to achieve a new level of precise, behavioral-based pricing that sharpens your organization’s view of risk. With AI/ML capabilities, you can create more informed, future-focused pricing strategies that align with customer expectations and unlock new revenue streams.

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