Individually tailored offers
in real time

Become the emotionally intelligent financial partner your customers need

Personalization excellence

Perfect prices,

Earnix Personalize-It, built on smarter prices created by Price-It, enables product configurations to account for differing risk profiles.

Real-time configuration
and deployment

With Personalize-it, product configuration changes can be pushed to market almost instantaneously, via real-time deployment capabilities.

and control

Personalization practices must support both corporate policies, as well as local regulation. Personalize-It enables organizations to monitor and govern personalization practices.

Personalization excellence

Individualized bundles
Customer insurance and banking needs change along with personal life events and lifestyle changes. Earnix empowers insurers and banks to meet customer needs proactively, with just the right individualized product bundle, as soon as a change in need is detected.
Customer loyalty and lifetime value
Use financial industry-specific product personalization to define, personalize, and deploy product features, bundles, and packages. Rely on enterprise-wide data science, analytical modeling, and integrated machine learning to enable better personalization in insurance and banking. Understand the impact of product personalization on business KPIs at a more granular level.
Smart insights
With Earnix, every decision made feeds back into the main system to inform future rates. The system comes with a state-of-the-art reporting layer for well-informed insights both for pricing and business professionals within the organization.
Advanced analytics
Combine proven statistical modeling techniques with the latest machine learning and AI to produce the rates that are right both for your customers and for your business.

Hit your targets faster & smarter with Earnix

The Earnix analytical system is a powerful machine that is capable of propelling you and your customers into the new world of digital pricing/rating efficiency.

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