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Personalize Complex Financial Products

Use financial industry-specific product personalization software to define, personalize, and deploy product features, bundles, and packages. Rely on enterprise-wide data science, analytical modeling, and integrated machine learning to enable better personalization in insurance as well as personalization in banking. Understand the impact of product personalization on business KPIs at a more granular level.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Business Results

Simplify the digital interaction and purchase process by offering a limited number of the most personally relevant product choices. This, in turn, drives improvement in business metrics such as digital adoption and conversion. Balance the tradeoff of business and customer metrics through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning.

Improve Agility and Time to Market

Create, customize, and deploy financial product packages from a single system. Expedite the process from predicting, simulating, and comparing the impacts and trade-offs of various personalization models, up to deploying personalized offers to the market and measuring their effectiveness.

Sell Like the Digital Leaders of Today

Earnix Personalize-it simplifies the often complicated purchase journey by offering a limited number of the most personally relevant choices. The result is that consumers experience less confusion and a quicker time to decision, and Insurance and Banking institutions increase customer conversion rates.

Part of the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite

Because Personalize-it works in concert with the other two products in the Earnix 3D Personalization product suite – Earnix Price-it, and Earnix Detect-it, adding risk, price, and timing components to existing personalization programs is easy to do. This enables organizations to experience a shift in how they approach and activate personalization initiatives for their end customers, bringing them more in line with digital businesses of today.


Integrates with Pricing Analytics

Earnix Personalize-it integrates directly with Earnix Price-it to enable product configurations to account for differing risk profiles. This is crucial when personalizing detail-heavy financial products such as bank loans and insurance policies.

Real-Time Configuration and Deployment

Multiple personas can define, deploy, and update product configurations taking an analytical insight into account. Product configuration changes can be pushed to market almost instantaneously, via real-time deployment capabilities. This speeds time to market of personalization initiatives and increases deployment agility.

Governance and Control

Personalization practices must support both corporate policies as well as local regulation. Earnix Personalize-it enables organizations to monitor and govern personalization practices.

Better Together

Earnix Personalize-It is part of the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™, which leverages personalization to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving business results. Earnix Personalize-it works in combination with Earnix Price-it and Earnix Detect-it to offer the right product, at the right price, at the right time, while optimizing business results, maintaining governance and compliance, and improving the enterprise-wide, end-to-end product personalization and pricing process.

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