Introducing Earnix Price-it Rating Engine with Direct Deploy™ technology

Move from model development to rate deployment in hours not weeks or months!

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Earnix Price-it Rating Engine

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Rapidly Define, Deploy, and Govern New Pricing Strategies – Without Ongoing IT Dependence

As a comprehensive rating engine platform, Earnix Price-it Rating Engine capabilities enable rating structures and models to be deployed in front-end systems and real-time product environments. After initial setup, you’ll be able to deploy new rates into the marketplace without IT involvement. The solution reduces the process of developing, testing, and deploying rate changes, overall rating structures, and foundational scoring and underwriting models – from months to days. As a result, organizations are more responsive and competitive.


A Complete Rating Management System

  • An end to end pricing and personalization platform with data management, modeling, simulation, rate testing and deployment, and real time performance monitoring
  • Improves the rate deployment and monitoring process via a cloud-based, end to end, high-performing system that is easy to use and always up-to-date.
  • Gives multiple lines of business within a brand the ability to quickly and efficiently define, deploy, and update rates without the need for ongoing IT support.
  • Shortcuts the wait for your company’s legacy core system replacement – and gives you the benefits of deployment agility now.

Download the Earnix Price-it Rating Engine Brochure to see how Earnix can help you deploy rates,
models, and rating structures to front-end systems and real-time product environments.

Key Benefits of
Earnix Price-it Rating Engine

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Speed: Pricing changes go from calculation and simulation to decision, testing, and deployment in hours, not weeks or months.

Efficiency: The solution is cloud based, with no hardware or software installs, so is up and running within weeks.

Effectiveness: With no handoff between the business and IT, pricing change deployment is less prone to errors.

Reliability: The product is hosted via AWS, which has renowned reliability - among the highest in the world. Resilient system load balancing capabilities are distributed across multiple geographic locations. Disaster recovery standards meet ISO 22301 specifications and the environment is staffed 24/7/365.

Performance: For scalability and resilience, Earnix Price-it Rating Engine can deliver millions of quotes per day – at sub-second times.

Secure Compliance: Audit logs and tracking address regulatory compliance concerns. Approvals and notifications ensure process monitoring. Version control, audit, and authentication provide industry-established levels of security.

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