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Find out why financial services organizations trust Earnix to help them with their pricing and product personalization software needs

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We believe that for Financial Institutions, personalization is key to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as to improved business results. ​​ 

Recognizing the complexities of financial products, Earnix provides an end-to-end Pricing and Product Personalization Software Suite, driven by world-class data science, analytical modeling tools, and integrated machine learning. ​ 

The Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™ empowers Financial Institutions to offer the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, at the RIGHT TIME, WHILE optimizing business results, maintaining governance & compliance, and improving the enterprise-wide pricing and product personalization process.

Earnix has been consistently innovating for Banks and Insurers around the globe for over 18 years.  We have offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Israel.​ 

With the Earnix product suite, you’ll be able to…

  • See how organizations create a true win-win – by improving both customer satisfaction and business results. 
  • Analyze and optimize offer components such as product, price, and point in time across the enterprise – using product world class data science, advanced analytics, and machine learning. 
  • See how Earnix systemizes the end to end pricing process from pricing strategy optimization to rating to deployment – across all products and lines of business. 
  • Integrate real-time data and analytics via a comprehensive solution directly into operational business processes. 
  • Understand how Earnix provides the control and governance needed to adhere to corporate pricing policies as well as local regulations. 

…all from a single suite of products.

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