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Meet New Regulatory Changes Faster & Easier
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aims to tackle ‘Price walking’ through the implementation of new rules that protect consumers from loyalty penalties related to various insurance products. These updates are likely to change the insurance industry as firms will now have to offer renewal prices that are no higher…
The Surprisingly High Cost of Delaying Tech Adoption
Traditional pricing and rating systems tend to be individual, siloed applications that require too much time and manual effort to to make them work - causing significant pricing delays and missed opportunities. In this eBook, we will delve into why insurers have not focused on new technology and describe the…
ITC 2021: On stage with Earnix CEO, Udi Ziv
Today, carriers are under increasing pressure to fully personalize their products and dynamically deliver them to their customers. Fueled by consumer demand, Usage-Based Insurance is one of many trends in personalization poised to make the leap from niche to mainstream. But historically, insurers have struggled to find success creating bespoke…
How to Drive Business Growth with Usage-Based Insurance
As a “legacy” industry, insurance companies are not known for being early adopters of new technology. That being said, the speed at which consumers are adopting UBI makes it clear that this is where the insurance industry is headed. Luckily, adding UBI policies to your portfolio of products does not…
Case Study
Hollard Builds Foundation for Future Success Using Earnix
Hollard was looking for a solution that would allow them to deploy rates and prices faster than before and have the flexibility to easily respond to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs. As a single, modern comprehensive rating and pricing solution that could consolidate Hollard’s 7 different rating engines, Earnix…
Earnix Excelerate
Earnix Excelerate – Insurance Track
Personalization, profits and more sophisticated pricing are just a few of the topics covered in this track. Leading industry experts from the insurance sector will be discussing all you need to know about current and future trends, technologies and more.
Earnix Excelerate
Earnix Excelerate – Banking Track
The digital transformation – what does it really mean? And how are banks embarking on the journey to more risk-based and dynamic pricing? This track is where the top banking minds come together, to bring you valuable knowledge about the sector and its future.
Earnix Excelerate
Earnix Excelerate – Analytics Track
AI, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics – this is the track where top researchers, scientists and experts from around the world share their insights on the world of tech, insurance and banking. Algorithms, modeling methods and more - it’s all here. ​
Earnix Excelerate
Your Journey to Fully Personalized Dynamic Insurance​
Udi Ziv, CEO at Earnix, opens this year's virtual summit by talking about the insurance landscape in 2021, then highlighting some of the key challenges facing insurers through the big insurance disconnect, and then introduces Earnix's decision delivery platform. ​