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Mastering Product Personalization Through Data-Fueled Innovation
Gain a deeper understanding of what Product Personalization is, its value, and what data is most critical to fully automate in the Product Personalization process.
Driving ROI Through Digital Transformation
Demonstrating IT leadership in the insurance industry today goes well beyond the traditional tasks of automating manual processes, maintaining the status quo, and making incremental improvements in people, processes, and technology. IT has become more deeply embedded in, and more critical to, business success than ever before.
Real-Time Banking Pricing Decisions. Big Time Results
Through its real-time pricing solution, Earnix gives banks the power to deliver pricing and personalization - faster than ever before. A solution that is capable of complex modeling, analytically driven automation, testing and deployment.
Insurance: Take Governance in Your Hands
Our webinar explores how an organization-wide digital transformation goes hand in hand with thorough governance and compliance.
Virtual Summit 2020 - Personalization: The Key to True Digital Selling
The pandemic has positioned digital selling as crucial for insurers and consumers alike. In this presentation, we will discuss why true digital selling of insurance products cannot succeed unless insurers personalize the product that they offer digitally.
Virtual Summit 2020 -
Underwriting Reimagined
Before the age of advanced pricing analytics, insurance providers relied on underwriting to outperform the competition - but underwriting has to evolve. In this session, we will take a completely new look at what underwriting could be if we rebuilt it from the ground up using advanced analytics, intelligent technology,…
Virtual Summit 2020 - Creating Business Value with Observational Data:
The Usage-Based Insurance Case
This session discusses the business impact of rapidly improving analytics with rapidly changing customer needs by a convergent fusion of three major trends. 
Virtual Summit 2020 - Business Velocity with Pricing and Personalization
Reacting in an agile and smart manner to changes in the market is what differentiates competitive financial institutions from the rest. Smarter analytical pricing & personalization are key to achieving business velocity.
Virtual Summit 2020 - Using Pricing to Meet Customer Needs
Lloyds Banking Group, a leading home insurance provider in the UK, have always been looking for best-in-class solutions for their rating and pricing needs. They integrated Earnix Price-It in 2008. This is what they’ve been experiencing with Earnix.