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Earnix Drive-It - The Next Generation in Mobile-Centric Telematics
Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is here, and it’s here to stay, yet many insurers struggle to create profitable UBI offerings and are unable to provide highly personalized products. The root cause? Most insurers still don’t have an effective way to operationalize telematics data and unlock the true value of their UBI…
Virtual Summit 2020 - Creating Business Value with Observational Data:
The Usage-Based Insurance Case
This session discusses the business impact of rapidly improving analytics with rapidly changing customer needs by a convergent fusion of three major trends. 
Lead the UBI Revolution
Usage-based insurance (UBI) has already fundamentally changed the P&C insurance landscape. Now with Earnix and its telematics app, you can get the full picture of driver behavior and model a wide range of data to develop and deploy the right personalized UBI offers in real-time. ​
Italy Insurance Forum - L'Eccellennza Tecnica delle Compagnie Assicurative
Michele Bianco, Sales Director Italia per Earnix all’Italy Insurance Forum.