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Real-Time Pricing Decisions.​ Big Time Results.
Through its real-time pricing solution, Earnix gives banks the power to deliver pricing and personalization - faster than ever before. A solution that is capable of complex modeling, analytically driven automation, testing and deployment.
Accelerating Value with Unified Pricing and Rating
Successful value creation requires an ability to respond quickly to market changes and customer expectations. Legacy and disparate pricing and rating technologies with repeated upstream and downstream hand-offs are not up to this task.
Capgemini and Earnix - The New Standard for Speed to Market and Product Management Optimization
With the Capgemini-Earnix solution, product managers can effectively balance proft and growth by selecting from multiple scenarios with multiple pricing models such as Cost Plus, Life Time Value, and multiple Demand Models including acquisition and retention models.
The Industry’s Most Comprehensive—and Powerful—Pricing Platform
Today, there’s a real opportunity for P&C insurance companies that can quickly develop and deploy perfectly priced offerings to meet ever-changing market conditions and evolving customer demands.
Gain a New Competitive Edge with End-to-End Automation
Fast, efficient pricing is critical to any insurer’s success, yet most pricing approaches today still require too much manual effort. Now there’s a better way - The Earnix Price-It platform.
Earnix Advanced Analytics - The Future
It’s safe to say that most insurers today see the real potential in using much more business data to develop innovative new pricing offers their customers will love. Yet the majority of them simply don’t have an effective way to collect, manage, and model the mountains of data at their…
Earnix Governance and Compliance
Insurance providers face increasingly stringent compliance requirements as well as the need to manage—and minimize—overall risk. Yet too many still rely on spreadsheets, paper forms, and other manual efforts in their attempt to manage governance and compliance processes.
Single Infrastructure Pricing and Rating
Insurers face unprecedented pressure to develop innovative products that align with shifting customer needs while maintaining overall profitability. Customers expect insurers to anticipate their needs.
Integrated Machine Learning
Earnix's Integrated Machine Learning capabilities vastly improve the precision of advanced predictive analytics, while automating and speeding time-to-market decision making.