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Dynamic Decisioning and Analytics in Financial Services
Forward-thinking organizations in financial services now deploy sophisticated tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to upgrade the customer experience throughout the customer journey. These firms have rightly prioritized decisioning and analytics to remake their business models.
Winning in a Changing Insurance Landscape with Agile Operations
Improving agility is not just an internal accomplishment. While this helps enhance internal workflows and processes – saving time, increasing productivity, and generating new efficiencies – truly agile operations also deliver benefits for the entire organization. Improving the agility of operations will become table stakes as the entire insurance industry…
Gather, Analyze, and Act in Real Time to Instantly Unlock Market Value
Speed to market is a top priority for virtually every insurance company today, and for good reason. In order to compete – against traditional vendors as well as aggressive new market entrants – insurers need to do all they can to meet customers’ demands when it comes to delivering exactly…
Capitalizing on Intelligent InsurOps to Combat Inflation
With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic and now with its aftershocks, inflation is once again front and center for all businesses, especially for insurers. With little guidance from recent history to mitigate inflation’s effects, insurers are searching for novel answers to protect their financial positions and to provide better…
Meet the Needs of a Dynamic Market Through Composable Solutions
The concept of composability is well-established in other realms, with its original meaning coming from the world of music. Today, taking a composable view of the world of financial services, and executing on that worldview, delivers several compelling benefits to insurance and banking organizations.
How Modern, Comprehensive Pricing & Rating Solutions Are Reimagining Insurance
Today the insurance industry faces a significant challenge associated with legacy pricing and rating tools. Many architectures still rely on a high number of disparate, disconnected systems that require too much effort to maintain and other clunky workarounds.
Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences with Earnix
Why should Insurers consider personalization strategies and tactics? Can’t they continue to price and deliver products and services in the same way they always have? The simple answer is that Personalization has the potential to deliver superior results. For example, early personalization programs have already shown they can increase total…
Empowering Relationship Managers in their Digital Journeys
Throughout its history, banking has relied heavily on personal relationships to achieve many of its business goals. Relationship managers (RMs) have served as the “face” of the bank in providing sound business advice, acquiring new customers, and uncovering new sources of revenue within existing accounts. The most powerful combination for…
The Need for Speed - Gain a New Competitive Insurance Edge by Boosting Speed to Market
For insurers who can overcome challenges caused by legacy pricing processes, speed to market is a very real opportunity to differentiate, win more business, strengthen the bottom line and gain a sustainable advantage over the competition. This eBook will show you how all of this is more than just possible—it’s…