Earnix and DataRobot: AI-driven Pricing, Rating and Product Personalization

The DataRobot/Earnix solution empowers business analysts and data scientists to build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models in a fraction of the time, compared with traditional analytical modeling processes. Users can also combine traditional regression models with new machine learning models for improved analytical insight. 

“If your goal is to drive value for your business and put your customers at the center, and you want to do it in a quick, robust, and stable manner – DataRobot and Earnix do it better than any other solution in the market.” 

– Paul Davies, Head of Data Science Domestic and General 

This brochure unpacks:

  • Fast time to market
  • Automation of repricing 
  • Governance framework
  • Monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade scalability and performance