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Earnix Price-it Brochure for Banks
Meet Price-It, Earnix’s smarter, faster, safer solution for all enterprise pricing needs. Price-It uses AI and machine learning to deliver smarter analytical prices while using advanced modeling and simulation tools.
Earnix for Insurers
Achieve rating superpower with the Earnix suite of rating, pricing, and personalization solutions. Leverage world-class analytics, outstanding governance, and smooth automation features to hit your business goals. Read the brochure to learn more.
Business Velocity Engine for Banking & Finance
The Earnix Business Velocity Engine adds automation to the enterprise pricing and personalization process, empowers it with real-time deployment capabilities and robust governance and compliance features. It delivers business velocity throughout the organization.
Earnix Brochure for Banks
Reach business value within a few short months with fast, iterative deployment and smarter analytics. Earnix products empower banks to achieve faster, smarter, and safer business velocity when it comes to pricing and product personalization.
Faster and Smarter Analytical Personalization for Insurance
Get familiar with Earnix's smarter personalization applications, Personalize-It and Time-It. Deliver the right bundles, to all customers, at the right time. Based on proprietary analytics, the Earnix feedback loop, and smart insights, Earnix personalization solutions increase customer retention and satisfaction.
A Powerful Enterprise Insurance Rating Engine by Earnix: Brochure
Earnix Rating Engine, expower is the machine putting all analytical rating and pricing processes into motion, across the enterprise. Cloud-based expower delivers robust governance features, and an accelerated operational trajectory.
Earnix Rating Engine (Deutsch)
Es ist der Motor, der die Versicher antreibt, zunehmend schnellere, intelligentere und sichere Bewertungen und Preisgestaltung zu erzielen und gleichzeitig den Kundennutzen, mitsamt des achstums und der Profitabilität des Unternehmens zu optimieren. Die Enterprise Rating Engine ist das Herzstück jeder Earnix-Lösung und befähigt Versicherer, eine smartere Business Velocity zu erreichen.
Insurance Price-it (Deutsch)
Erzielen Sie einen Unternehmenswert innerhalb von wenigen Monaten mit einer schnellen, schrittweisen Implementierung. Beginnen Sie mit einem Geschäftszweig oder einer Region und lassen Sie Earnix Ihr Unternehmen schrittweise mit schnellerem, intelligenterem und sichererem Rating transformieren.
Earnix and DataRobot: AI-driven Pricing, Rating and Product Personalization
The DataRobot/Earnix solution empowers business analysts and data scientists to build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models in a fraction of the time of traditional analytical modeling processes. Users can also combine traditional regression models with new machine learning ones for improved analytical insight. Read the brochure to learn more.