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10 Trends Changing Insurance
In this session, Seth Rachlin, Executive Vice President and Global Insurance Industry Leader at Capgemini, shares his insights and expert analysis on the 10 trends that are sure to be impactful in 2022 and beyond.  
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Rethinking Telematics in an Evolving Landscape
The industry landscape is evolving, driven by macro trends, consumer shifts, the pandemic impact and UBI market forces. In this session, Jenny discusses how regulatory pressures, innovation and advancements in technology compel us to rethink Telematics and an ever-growing demand for it.
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Earnix's Vision for 2022
and Beyond
In this session, Earnix's Vice President of Products, Yaron Lavie introduces Earnix's end-to-end Decision Delivery Platform by sharing Earnix's Price-It, Personalize-It, Drive-It and Time-It products.
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Making Strategic Decisions in a Virtual World
Anton Burger, Head Agile PMO at Hollard,  shares how the evaluation of Earnix had to be done virtually, which required some out-of-the-box thinking and application of teamwork principles to ensure Hollard got it right.
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Driving Growth: Lessons from Formula 1 Racing
Formula 1 legend, David Coulthard MBE, shares the fundamental lessons learned from F1 and applies them to leadership and business. Talking with Earnix's Peter Reynolds, David brings an inspiring and insightful perspective on the value of speed and precision, not only for motorsport but also in Insurance and Banking. ​
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Human Touch in a New Digital World
In tomorrow’s future connected world, even traditional carriers can leverage their knowledge, data, clients and relationships with agents to build more personal engagements – with a human touch – at scale. In this session, Moshe Tamir, CEO & Founder of Axell, shares his views on the future of financial advisors…
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How Real-Time Pricing Can Help You and Your Customer Too
Deb Upton shares how Gore Mutual struggled to price quickly and effectively in the past due to old processes and heavy dependence on IT. Deb then shares how Earnix became the solution with its efficient real-time pricing capabilities.​ ​
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All the Insurance Players (Who Will Survive) Will be Insurtech
With so much data streaming in, speeding up processes becomes more challenging, and therefore, those with the right technology will have the advantage. In this session, Matteo Carbone discusses how the right technology partner is the key to driving business success. ​ ​
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Escaping the Commoditization Trap
Dan Latimore, Chief Research Officer at Celent, discusses how thinking more broadly about all the levers available lets banks create win-wins for their customers.​