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The Price is Right: Using Predictive Analytics to Deliver Personalized Insurance
In this case study, hear how Gore Mutual Insurance and Earnix used predictive analytics solutions to deliver dynamic pricing and personalized insurance products for customers.
Expect the unexpected - winning in a volatile market with agility and fairness
Peter Reynolds from Earnix talks about how organizations can create a system that enables advanced analytical data handling at scale, smarter automation, and real-time price deployment.
Leveraging Scenario Based Analytics and Preparing for the Unexpected with Capgemini
Join Earnix & Capgemini on a discussion on how the use of scenario-based analytics can shrink time-to-insight, time-to-value, and time-to-impact so organizations can optimally respond to both threats and opportunities.
Reigning in the chaos: the post-corona era and how banks can thrive in it
We talk to Dan Bolland, Associate Partner, Sia Partners, about the dramatic changes in risk/reward classification and how organizations can move ahead without valid historic behavioral models.
Understanding Chaos Through Analytics
We will walk you through the structure of an organization-wide agile analytics machine – along with some practical applications during and beyond the corona fallout.
Personalization in Insurance: To Be or Not To Be
Join Earnix for a webinar on the past, present, and future of personalization in the Insurance industry.
Shockproof Mortgage Pricing in the New Normal
Tomorrow’s banks must have the ability, powered by automated processes, to quickly adapt to changes. Mortgages, as one of the most significant lines of business, are no exception.
The Fully Automated Insurance Pricing Process
The insurance industry has invested millions of man-hours refining the underwriting, claims, and customer service processes. But what about the pricing process? What percent of the pricing process can we automate?
Gain a New Competitive Edge with End-to-End Automation
Fast, efficient pricing is critical to any insurer’s success, yet most pricing approaches today still require too much manual effort. Now there’s a better way - The Earnix Price-It platform.