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Data Science’s Last Mile Problem: Algorithm & Business Outcome
In this session, James Guszcza, Ph.D., Research Fellow at Stanford University, talks about how data science and AI are major enablers of customer-centric innovation. ​
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Best Practices in Leveraging Analytics for Pricing
This session outlines a framework for successfully quantifying the impact of marketing and pricing actions even in the absence of randomized control groups, while providing practical insights on avoiding common pitfalls for program evaluation. ​
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Effective & Dynamic Monitoring in the New Digital Era
In this session, Reuven Shnaps, Ph.D., Chief Analytics Officer at Earnix, introduces the importance, concept and analytical methodologies of an "Always On" dynamic monitoring solution which ensures KPI are monitored continuously. ​
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Boosting Customer Centricity Using AI & Machine Learning
Advanced analytics and machine learning have become key to customer-centricity. Paul Davies, Head of Data Science at Domestic and General, shares how Domestic & General uses best-of-breed technology to personalize pricing and marketing. ​ ​
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The Analytics Behind Insurance & Banking Product Personalization
Personalization is central in the new normal of insurance and banking, but what does it take to realize its potential value? Hen Fridman, Business Solutions Consultant at Earnix, takes us on a product personalization journey to understand the fundamentals, challenges & analytical methodologies behind it and the true value it…
Case Study
Gore Mutual Partners with Earnix to Improve Pricing and Rating Processes
Here’s how Gore Mutual used Earnix to improve its modeling, rating deployment and pricing processes — all from a single, end-to-end platform.
Pricing at Speed. Months to Minutes.
Creating a new banking product is an inherently time-heavy process. But some companies can, and do, get this done faster than others.
Case Study
D&G Improves Pricing Success with
Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
See how Earnix enabled D&G to price 40X more plans per month, and create highly personalized offerings based on real-time market changes.
Mastering Product Personalization Through Data-Fueled Innovation
Gain a deeper understanding of what Product Personalization is, its value, and what data is most critical to fully automate in the Product Personalization process.