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Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 - Efficient Personalization & Getting Too Personal
There is a fine line between efficient personalization and being too personal. Enjoy some practical insights on the do-s and don’t-s of analytical product personalization – and, consequentially, better customer satisfaction, and higher retention numbers.
Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 -
Underwriting Reimagined
Before the age of advanced pricing analytics, insurance providers relied on underwriting to outperform the competition - but underwriting has to evolve. In this session, we will take a completely new look at what underwriting could be if we rebuilt it from the ground up using advanced analytics, intelligent technology,…
Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 - The Post-COVID-19 Pricing Imperative for P&C Insurers
In this presentation, we will discuss five levels of pricing innovation and transformation, and provide insights on the hierarchy of strategic priorities. Every insurer has the potential to significantly improve its pricing strategy and capabilities. The key is to select the right pricing transformation approach.
Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 -The Criticality of Combining Control, Enabling Speed and Being Smart
The requirement of a new breed of analytical rating engine has emerged as a must-have for insurance companies. Such an end-to-end system empowers insurers to compete effectively amid the ever-changing market conditions with outstanding customer experience and low price alternatives.
Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 - Dueling Disruptions
in Auto Finance
Sometimes you can see disruption coming, especially with consumers being armed with more information than ever before. A new level of convenience is now expected, and it's no surprise that stakeholders are racing to re-design the car buying experience.
Earnix Excelerate
Virtual Summit 2020 - Model Explainability in Banking and Insurance
Machine learning models can significantly enhance prediction accuracy, but their complexity makes them hard to understand and monitor. In this session we will explore new tools that can break the trade-off between accuracy and explainability - a critical step for the future evolution of machine learning in the finance and…
Earnix Excelerate
Creating a Culture of Business Value with Usage-Based Insurance: Virtual Summit 2020
This session discusses the business impact of rapidly improving analytics with rapidly changing customer needs by a convergent fusion of three major trends. 
Earnix Excelerate
Challenges in Utilizing Tree-Based Models for Pricing: Virtual Summit 2020
The usage of advanced machine learning techniques and tree-based models in particular is becoming more and more popular - however, new challenges arise. In this session we will discuss some of these challenges and potential solutions for embedding GBM models while accounting for the causal effect of price change.
Earnix Excelerate
Catapulting Business Velocity with Pricing & Personalization: Virtual Summit 2020
Reacting in an agile and smart manner to changes in the market is what differentiates competitive financial institutions from the rest. Smarter analytical pricing & personalization are key to achieving business velocity.