The Age of Insurance Personalization

The age of personalization in upon us and is growing stronger every day. It’s brought on by market leaders leveraging new technology that allows them to deliver breakthrough customer experience and services. This isn’t an overnight sensation – the forces of change have been coalescing into a full-on trend for many years. Some in the financial services industry have kept pace, while others have to catch-up.

Customer Centric Digital Transformation is the journey to take in order to seize this market opportunity. It has the ability to transform an organization into a market leading provider which can go beyond today’s boundaries and be able to serve a segment-of-one with unique products that offer greater value to both the customer and the provider.

This research, sponsored by Earnix, in partnership with Insurance Innovators, provides clear evidence that those who are currently providing highly curated products and services are indeed seeing measurable results that are improving their business KPIs. In every way the research finding shows that personalization does, in fact, improve metrics such as revenue per customer, retention, engagement, and the list goes on.

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