Are You Prepared for the Surge in Off-Lease Vehicles?

Joint Webinar by Black Book and Earnix

The number of off-lease vehicles is expected to exceed 3 million by 2018. This will create a huge surge in off-lease vehicles headed towards the used car market, which will result in tighter margins and residual losses. If you are responsible for pricing, marketing or sales for an auto finance provider, then make sure to join this webinar. The webinar will put you in a good position to develop your future product, pricing and sales strategies. View the webinar to learn:

How leasing companies can leverage emerging data sources and advanced data analysis to improve the yield of their lease remarketing and asset disposal efforts
Industry best practices for residual value forecasting methods
How to create more effective asset disposal pricing strategies to increase yield at online and physical auctions
What data, analytics and direct marketing techniques should be leveraged to improve the customer buy rates of soon-to-be off-lease vehicles


Mr. Tim Hamill, Auto Industry Strategist

Tim is considered an expert in one-to-one marketing for the automotive, financial services and telecommunications industries and has worked with global leaders such as AT&T, Citi, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Hyundai to name a few.

He has over 30 years of experience in general management, strategic planning, analytics and marketing technology and he has a big picture understanding of how to build integrated customer experiences across marketing channels. Tim has held senior management positions at Acxiom Corporation, Performance Marketing Consultants, LLC, Wunderman Worldwide, Total Response, Inc. and Bozell Worldwide.

Mr. Barrett Teague, Vice President of Black Book, leading the Lender Solutions group. In this role, Barrett is responsible for the profit and loss of the Lender group, is a seasoned automotive industry professional with roots deep in Indirect Automotive Lending. Barrett has over 21 years of Credit Management, where most recently he was a Senior Vice President for SunTrust Bank in the Dealer Financial Services Line division. Despite his many years leading teams in financial services arenas, as well as Prime and Subprime Lenders, he credits his short stint working as a Finance Manager in a Dealership as one of the experiences that most impacted his knowledge of the automotive lending process. Barrett has brought Black Book both insight to the indirect lending space, as well as ambitions to bring updated ideas to market that will make business more fluid for Indirect Lenders.

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