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How Banks can Thrive in a Post-Corona Era
We talk to Dan Bolland, Associate Partner, Sia Partners, about the dramatic changes in risk/reward classification and how organizations can move ahead without valid historic behavioral models.
Understanding the Chaos Through Analytics - Webinar
We will walk you through the structure of an organization-wide agile analytics machine – along with some practical applications during and beyond the corona fallout.
Personalization in the world of Insurance Webinar
Join Earnix for a webinar on the past, present, and future of personalization in the Insurance industry.
Shockproof Mortgage Pricing in the New Normal
Tomorrow’s banks must have the ability, powered by automated processes, to quickly adapt to changes. Mortgages, as one of the most significant lines of business, are no exception.
Fully Automated Insurance Pricing Process Webinar
The insurance industry has invested millions of man-hours refining the underwriting, claims, and customer service processes. But what about the pricing process? What percent of the pricing process can we automate?
Prämienoptimierung in der Rechtsschutzversicherung
Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar von den Spezialisten von EY und Earnix, vor welchen Herausforderungen Rechtsschutzversicherungen in der Tarifierung stehen und wie innovative Softwarelösungen Sie dabei unterstützen, Ihre Prämien zu optimieren.
Die “Grand Tour” zum Dynamischen Pricing
McKinsey führt aus, dass “jede Versicherung das Potential hat, seine Pricing Strategien und Möglichkeiten signifikant zu verbessern. Der Schlüssel dafür ise die Wahl des entsprechenden Pricing Transformationsansatz.“
Italy Insurance Forum - L'Eccellennza Tecnica delle Compagnie Assicurative
Michele Bianco, Sales Director Italia per Earnix all’Italy Insurance Forum.
Fully Automating the Ratemaking Process - Webinar
The insurance industry has been heavily investing in process innovations – straight through underwriting, image capture claims, customer service chatbots. But what about the process of ratemaking; what is our next innovation? What if we could full automate the pricing process?