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Winning the auto finance game with advanced analytics

The auto industry has awakened to the need for advanced customer analytics. Industry leaders recognize they may be leaving huge profits on the table due to inefficient, highly fragmented marketing investments.

Given the auto industry’s staggering sales volume, narrow profit margins and numerous opportunities to adjust the terms of sales transactions, an integrated customer analytics framework is required to track, evaluate and steer marketing investments to improve yield for auto manufacturers, dealers and finance companies.

This educational webinar provides a birds-eye view of how automotive companies, captive and indirect lenders can leverage emerging data sources, advanced data analytics and real-time decision engines to improve market share and increase profits.

Through a detailed discussion and actual case examples, this webinar will demonstrate the increase in revenues and transformation of customer experience auto finance lenders can expect from adopting an integrated customer analytic framework.

If you are responsible for pricing, marketing or sales for a major auto finance lender, captive or indirect, this webinar will provide much-needed insights for developing your future product, pricing and sales strategies.

This webinar covers:

  • How the auto industry is applying advanced analytics to improve the yield on their marketing investments
  • How pricing analytic techniques can measure and predict consumer and dealer reaction to pricing changes
  • Where and how auto finance companies fit into this picture
  • Immediate steps that can be taken to improve the volume and profitability of your lending activities

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