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Blog: Are You Ready for the Evolution-Revolution Mindset?

This is the year in which a new mindset will take hold—and large financial services companies better be ready to embrace this new way of thinking. We’ve seen the arrival of countless startups in the industry that have the capability to transformRead More »

Blog: Customer Experience and Machine Learning: Future Roadmaps

In my first blog post on the topic – Customer Experience and Machine Learning: Practical Applications – I discussed how machine learning techniques are being used today by financial services organizations to achieve business benefit. Insurers and retail banks are using machineRead More »

Blog: Customer Experience and Machine Learning: Practical Applications

The notion of using analytics to improve customer experience has changed the landscape and thought process of businesses over the past several years. As machine learning becomes further democratized, or more pervasively available, it is making its way into many enterprise softwareRead More »

Blog: Is Machine Learning a Threat to the Actuarial Profession?

Man vs. Machine: 10 years ago, I would never have guessed that I would be writing about this topic with such serious concern. Yet, some people are predicting that machine learning technology will produce a jobless future for certain professions, including actuaries.Read More »

Blog: The Digital Banking Experience – Fueling a Pricing Analytics Gold Rush

There is a fundamental transformation happening in consumer retail banking right now. From a reliance on branches (aka. bricks and mortar, stores, etc.), banks are finally putting digital channels at the center of their customer experience. It’s been a long time coming.Read More »
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