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Through 18+ years of experience, the Earnix team has developed the domain expertise to work with your organization to ensure a successful implementation of pricing and product personalization software, and to train your team to become self-sustained in customizing the system as needed. The Earnix Professional Services Organization brings collective technical, domain and business expertise to your financial institution, creating the perfect environment for project success.

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Industry Savvy

The Earnix professional services team has deep domain expertise in the operational aspects of financial institution pricing and product personalization, and the associated local regulatory environments. We understand the uniqueness of the industry and customize business processes and analytical methodologies accordingly.

Best In Class

With advanced academic backgrounds in economics, statistics, finance, and other quantitative sciences – many at the post-graduate and doctorate levels – the Earnix professional services team understands how to address your most complex analytical challenges. We are experienced in creating and implementing the strategies that significantly impact business growth.

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Growing With You

Whether your analytics infrastructure is nascent or advanced, whether your first goal is pricing excellence or delivering the full 3D personalization advantage at once, the Earnix team can meet you where you are and advise on processes and practices that will take you to the next level.



Our team is very skilled in pricing and product personalization in banking and insurance – including the associated data analysis, algorithm development, and advanced analytical modeling techniques. With these techniques in your arsenal, you will confidently choose the best business outcomes – giving you a clear competitive advantage.


The Earnix Professional Services team works with you to quickly ensure you gain the best value from our pricing and product personalization software suite. They complement your team with the analytical know-how to move beyond basic analytics to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytic programs, provide knowledge and documentation concerning analytical best practices, and deliver complete implementation services for a turnkey solution.


Once the Earnix one time implementation and training is complete, the power of the Earnix is in your hands. Being in control of your Earnix environment will ensure your peace-of-mind and ability to adjust strategies as business dictates. Unlike black box analytical solutions, Earnix puts your team in control of the parameters that drive your goals for pricing and product personalization in insurance or banking, eliminating long-term reliance on external resources and consulting teams.



Data Preparation


The Earnix team assists in defining the data required to support the analytical pricing and product personalization software projects within your organization. We assist in providing a clear path to start from and provide best practice advice along your journey.


Lack of IT Resources


With many financial institutions facing IT constraints, Earnix provides a cloud-based, easily scalable, and high performing environment to tackle to pricing and personalization challenges in front of you.


Deployment & Integration


Deploying the Earnix solution doesn’t take months like some other analytical solutions. Pricing and personalization strategies and can be fine-tuned, set up your day-to-day use, and integrated with other back-end and front-end software solutions.

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