Professional Services

We empower our clients to become self-sustained, analytical pricing and personalization leaders in their organizations. The Earnix Professional Services team brings business and technical domain expertise to help you build a self-sustained, smart, agile, and safe operation.


Industry Savvy

We understand the uniqueness of the industry and customize business processes and analytical methodologies accordingly.

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Best In Class

With advanced academic backgrounds, the Earnix professional services team understands how to address your most complex analytical challenges.

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Growing With You

Whether your analytics infrastructure is nascent or advanced, whether your first goal is pricing excellence or full systemization, the Earnix team can meet you where you are and help you get there.


Our experience at your service

Our team is very skilled in rating, pricing and product personalization in banking and insurance – including the associated data analysis, algorithm development, and advanced analytical modeling techniques.

Boost your team

The Earnix Professional Services team works with you to quickly ensure you gain the best value from our pricing and product personalization software suite.

Become self-sufficient

Once the Earnix one time implementation and training is complete, the power of Earnix is in your hands. Be in control of your Earnix environment and adjust strategies as business dictates.

Confronting the challenges with you

Data Preparation

The Earnix team assists in defining the data required to support the analytical pricing and product personalization software projects within your organization. We assist in providing a clear path to start from and best practice advice along your journey.

It’s all in the cloud

Earnix provides a cloud-based, easily scalable, and high performing environment to tackle pricing and personalization challenges throughout your organization.

Deployment & Integration

Deploy Earnix in just a few short months. Fine-tune your strategies, set up your day-to-day use, and integrate with other back-end and front-end software solutions seamlessly and fast.

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