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Blog: COVID-19 Is a Game Changer – and the Game Starts Now

This is a warning. A call from me to you – from one insurance professional to the other. Do not let COVID-19 slow you down. You need to mobilize now. What is happening in the market? We all read the news closely,Read More »

Blog: Machine Learning for Financial Services: Hype or Reality?

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether new trends in machine learning are mere hype or are actually providing tangible business value and helping shape financial services pricing and offering strategies. A survey of about 200 global insurance professionals conducted by EarnixRead More »
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This first-of-a-kind survey uncovers how insurance executives understand how the industry leverages Machine Learning today and how they expect Machine Learning to impact the industry in the near future.

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Open Banking: A Platform for Personalisation

Read the Earnix Open Banking report to learn how to prepare for the new open banking environment as well as see three Earnix open banking use cases.

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