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How Insurers Can Modernize Their Technology Infrastructure

Insurers need data-driven approaches to succeed in identifying new business opportunities, better serving customers, growing sales, and improving operations. Introducing: Intelligent InsurOps. Unlock advanced analytics for underwriting, dynamic pricing strategies, real-time rating, and fast delivery of personalized offers.


Speed up Time to Market with a Robust End-To-End Solution

Slow speed to market caused by disconnected systems is one of the main obstacles that insurers face today. Insurers need a single, fully integrated cloud solution where underwriting, pricing, and rating fit together seamlessly. One solution for seamless ratemaking and deployment.


Modernizing & Upgrading Insurance Underwriting

With new technology and the assistance of a reliable and knowledgeable partner, insurers can move rapidly to generate improved business results. Now is the time to move forward with modernizing and upgrading underwriting in insurance.


Achieve Precision with Machine Learning

Earnix’s Model Accelerator overcomes software constraints by allowing Data Scientists to choose their preferred tools for modeling. Now, any machine learning model can be imported seamlessly into Earnix for underwriting, pricing and rating.


Winning in a Changing Insurance Landscape with Agile Operations

If insurers want to be able to keep up with changing customer expectations and shifting market conditions, one thing is certain: they need to be a lot faster.


Why Speed to Market is Changing the Insurance Landscape

For insurers who can overcome challenges caused by legacy pricing processes, speed to market is a very real opportunity to differentiate, win more business, strengthen the bottom line and gain a sustainable advantage over the competition. This infographic shows how all of this is more than just possible—it’s achievable with the right technology solution.