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Behind the Scenes with Earnix Price-It

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Personalized, Dynamic Pricing Built on Robust Data Science, Analytical Modeling, and a Composable Architecture

Lenders around the world face unprecedented pressure to develop innovative products that align with shifting customer needs, can handle market volatility while maintaining overall profitability and portfolio composition.  Meeting the accelerating pace of change necessitates new analytical infrastructure. Legacy technologies constructed of numerous systems, are not up to the task.

Discover the Earnix Price-It –a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for price modeling, simulation, optimization, and deployment.

This White Paper provides an overview of Earnix Price-It’s architecture and technology and explains how it delivers on the key attributes of a modern analytics-backed pricing engine.

The White Paper is intended for banking business and technical leaders who are evaluating ways to vastly improve their pricing strategies and operations. It will assist senior management, pricing groups, analytics teams, and IT in their quest for the best in proven, modern pricing technology.

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