The Earnix Challenge

Join the ultimate analytics competition

Don’t miss this fun competition to learn valuable new modeling techniques and advanced Earnix capabilities.

Why participate?

  • Gain new skills to improve your pricing and rating modeling in real life,

  • Compete against many other users and teams in the Earnix community participating from across the world.

  • Win a great prize (the top three teams)!

The Earnix Challenge officially starts on October 9th 2023 and will last for a total of four weeks. You’ll have access to a dedicated Earnix environment where you can analyze data, run “what-if” simulations and develop your best model in response to the requirements outlined in the challenge.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the Earnix Challenge?

The Earnix Challenge is an online analytics competition. Participants compete against many other users and teams from around the world to see who can develop the most accurate model and predictions based on the conditions and criteria presented in the challenge.

How does the Earnix Challenge Work?

Participants are given access to a dedicated Earnix environment and data. Using the Earnix platform – including new advanced capabilities – participants will analyze the data and conduct “what-if” simulations to develop the best rating and pricing model possible.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in the Earnix Challenge?

You’ll have the chance to learn valuable modeling techniques and new functionality and capabilities in the Earnix platform – all to improve your rating and pricing results in the real world. Additionally, the top three teams will win some great prizes.