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Earnix provides an analytics-based end to end pricing and personalization software-as-a-service suite designed for the Financial Services industry. By applying advanced analytics to pricing and product bundling decisions, the Earnix product suite, with its embedded dynamic rating engine, helps Financial Institutions maximize business key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time while offering personally-bundled products at the right price.

The Earnix Solution Suites

For Insurance

Earnix enables enterprise governance and control of the pricing and product bundling process, empowering executives to make data-driven decisions that result in personalized product bundles and pricing structures. The product suite manages the entire analytical based pricing and personalization process – from data and model management to dynamic pricing, enabling fast deployment of any analytical model and in turn, new rates, to the market.

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For Banking

Banks require enterprise governance and control of the pricing and product bundling process, and Earnix empowers bank executives to make faster, more data-driven decisions that result in personalized rates and terms, offer structures, greater customer engagement, and improved business KPIs. The product suite manages the entire analytical personalization process – and assists data scientists and analysts in orchestrating product targeting and pricing decisions across the bank’s entire portfolio.

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Impacting Business Results

Earnix has a long track record of making a direct and measurable impact on our client’s key financial metrics. The solution’s ability to reliably simulate and then predict and personalize business outcomes empowers executives to act quickly and confidently. Results typically include increases in conversion and retention, volumes, and margins - along with reduced costs to serve.

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Real-time, Automated Analytics and Decisioning

The Earnix solution enables financial institutions to streamline and automate the entire lifecycle of the pricing and personalization process – from data management and modeling, to decision deployment, performance monitoring, and reporting. Personalization strategies become as dynamic and granular as necessary and can be tested and adjusted in real time. The Earnix solution improves automation and accelerates time to market of new product bundles and rates, thus allowing insurers, banks, and other financial institutions to be highly responsive to changing market conditions.

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A Track Record of Excellence

Earnix has been providing pricing and personalization solutions and services to the world’s most sophisticated financial services companies for nearly two decades. Our consultants are specialists with a deep understanding of the global Financial Services industry - as well as the drivers that are specific to our client’s businesses. We work with our clients to develop analytics-based personalization programs that enable your organization to predict risk and prescribe the most suitable product and price configurations, delivered at the right point in time. At the end of the short onboarding process, you will be self-sufficient and have the know-how and the analytical tools to make data-driven personalization decisions.

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Integrated Machine Learning™ Technology

Improve your analytics, speed-to-market and results with Earnix Integrated Machine Learning technology

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