Operate more intelligently with a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, Dynamic Pricing, Product Personalization, and Fully Operationalized  Telematics solutions.

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It's Time to Get Personal

Today, customers want engagements tailored to them, not a demographic. And the centuries-old insurance and banking industries are not exempt from these elevated expectations.

This means moving from generic pricing to personalized experiences.

From an antiquated expense to a proactive, value-adding partner.

From slow, siloed systems to agile, intelligent operations.

And it all starts with Earnix.

Intelligent Operations for Industry Transformation

Built on an ecosystem of fully composable solutions and advanced analytics, this agile new approach breaks down siloes to unlock value across all facets of the business, support more tailored customer engagements, and empower insurance and banking leaders to challenge the status quo. As an Intelligent Operations pioneer, Earnix connects existing systems, new technologies, and diverse teams to enhance what exists and accelerate “what’s next”.

Go Beyond Pricing

Welcome to the personalized, data-driven future of insurance and banking.

Delivering the tailored experiences customers expect starts with rethinking how businesses are run. By evolving your technical infrastructure, Earnix can help you quickly implement new capabilities, actualize new strategies, and accelerate growth.

Join The Revolution
Personalize Every Engagement.
Break The Status Quo.
Operate With True Agility.

“Earnix has enabled me to rethink how I use data and apply it to customer relationships. The person we quote today, won’t be the person they are in 10 years. Earnix has helped us become more sophisticated in serving the long-term customer journey.”

Leading North American Insurer

Innovate Your Operations

Explore our industry-leading technology and see how you can automatically convert consumer data into personalized experiences.

Enterprise Rating Engine
Instantly deploy rates across online channels, serve millions of quotes per day, and adapt strategies in real-time - all with complete governance and control.
Dynamic Pricing
Enhance all aspects of pricing by applying industry-leading analytics across strategy, modeling, and implementation to gain more accuracy and agility.
Product Personalization
Deliver individualized offers and unlock new revenue with robust personalization and reporting.
Easily implement a fully operationalized telematics and UBI solution with industry-leading analytical pricing to assess precise customer risk and align products to real-world behaviors.
Customer Engagement
Leverage in-depth insights to offer highly contextual engagements and deliver the tailored experiences customers expect.
Operationalize advanced analytics, AI/ML, and world-class data-science to gain more transparency, control, and compliance across your organization.

Making a Global Impact

21 Years in Business
7 Global Offices
30 Countries Served

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