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Meet Earnix’s real-time AI-driven Enterprise Rating Engine with Analytical Underwriting, Dynamic Pricing, Product Personalization, Telematics and Customer Engagement Solutions

Reimagine what’s possible

Customers today demand engagements tailored to them—not a demographic. To master this new reality and seize massive new market potential, insurers and banks must leave centuries-old business practices behind. That means creating a personalized, connected future customers demand with intelligent technologies that deploy agile, composable operations in real time.

Operate intelligently

Imagine if legacy systems no longer held you back. If you personalized every customer engagement instantly, deployed millions of tailored offerings daily, and confidently implemented meaningful innovation. That future starts with more intelligent operations. It starts with Earnix.

Overcome every challenge

Become a proactive, value-adding partner by meeting customer demands for personalized experiences.

Tailored engagements—driven by flexible technology—make it possible.

Create highly agile operations to identify and act on real-time opportunities
Accelerate innovation leveraging composable solutions that integrate with and enhance existing systems
Deliver incredible, personalized experiences based on real-life risk factors
Industry Leaders Choose Earnix
Our use of Earnix Price-It helped save valuable time and effort in our pricing processes, so we can now react to market changes in a faster, more agile way. Working with Earnix has helped us become a leader in the third-party liability and automotive markets.
–Katarzyna Wojdyła, Technical Director and Board Member, Link4

The right software, right now

Best-in-class technology integrates seamlessly with your existing systems—adding a new layer of intelligence with our real-time AI-driven Enterprise Rating Engine, Analytical Underwriting, Dynamic Pricing, Product Personalization, fully operationalized Telematics, and Customer Engagement Solutions to help you to enhance all aspects of your operations.

Personalize-ItEnterprise Rating EnginePrice-ItDrive-ItUnderwrite-It

Knowledge to meet your transformation goals

2022 Industry Trends Report: Modernizing Insurance Operations

Earnix recently partnered with the Market Strategy Group LLC to conduct a research survey to understand where insurance companies stand in their effort to modernize their operations. We surveyed nearly 300 insurance executives to uncover their perspective on various modernization strategies. View the report here to see how you compare. 

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The innovators leading industry transformation

We’re revolutionizing the way businesses are run to accelerate growth, maximize revenues, and reduce risk. We enable the world’s largest insurers and banks to anticipate changing end customer and market demands, quickly advance their technological capabilities, and confidently navigate ongoing transformation.

Let's reimagine Insurance and Banking, together
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