You Need Earnix on Your Team

We’re changing the game, and you deserve to join us.

Slow speed to market caused by disconnected systems is one of the main obstacles that insurers like you face today.

A single, fully integrated cloud solution where underwriting, pricing, and rating fit together seamlessly means that insurers get:

  • No hand-offs

  • No points-of-failure

  • No limits on how fast you can move

Earnix has helped our customers streamline from 7+ rating engines into one system and increase ratemaking speed to market from 6 months to just 4 days – all while cutting errors by 99%. Can your rating engine do that?

We’re betting not. With stats like these, we’re leaving the competition in the dust. Ready to upgrade?

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Why Earnix?

Earnix is the premier provider of mission-critical composable and cloud-based intelligent solutions across pricing, rating, underwriting, product personalization and telematics. We have a proven commitment to innovation, customer experience, and long-term partnerships all while transforming how global insurers are run by unlocking value across all facets of the business.