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Unlocking the Benefits of AI-Powered Pricing Analytics in Consumer and Auto Lending

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Many banks involved in consumer lending turn to AI-powered pricing analytics and digital decisioning to support their long-term growth strategies. Loan profitability uplift, faster time to market, more accurate forecasting, and improved productivity are game-changers for lenders big and small. 

However, governance and compliance, at times, become the aftermath of an AI pricing analytics solution implementation, compounding internal dependencies, worsening system silos, and creating undue regulatory exposure. 

Earnix recently hosted a virtual discussion dedicated to the benefits of AI-based pricing analytics with a regulatory compliance mindset. This discussion is crucial for anyone involved in consumer lending looking to leverage AI without compromising on compliance. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights that could redefine your approach to unsecured lending – watch on-demand today! 

Key discussion points: 

  • Achieving price optimization and profitability uplift in the light of fair lending practices 

  • “Black Box” AI vs explainable AI 

  • Transparency in AI-based pricing and credit decisioning for audit and compliance 

  • Incorporating fair analysis in model development and deployment processes 

Teilen Webinar: