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A View From a Visionary: A New Look For Insurance

In his opening keynote, Udi Ziv, CEO of Earnix, brings his perspective from 30 years as a CEO, entrepreneur, and senior executive in the financial services and technology sectors to painting a vision of how to capitalize on the whirlwind of change the insurance industry is undergoing.

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Insurance Architectural Philosophy: Incorporating Cool Things While Making the Boring Work

With new technology arriving daily and begging for your attention, how do you incorporate it while continuing to give core systems their due?

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Industry Trends and Earnix Strategy

Dror Pockard, Chief Strategy Officer at Earnix, begins this wide-ranging look at the insurance industry and its future with a recap of a recently-completed Earnix survey examining Insurers’ Perceptions, Priorities, and Plans Related to New Technology Adoption.

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Turning the Complexity of Insurance into a Competitive Advantage in a Digital World

In this compelling discussion, Agnieszka Wrońska, the CEO of Link4, discusses how to thrive in a digital world, one which many insurers have yet to fully embrace, especially when compared with other consumer sectors. In fact, those other experiences have driven consumer expectations of easy access to information and a simple online process, to help them make the right decisions quickly and effortlessly.

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Impact of Rate Rise and Inflation on Intelligent InsurOps

With headlines packed with stories of today’s high-inflation environment, insurers are struggling to maintain and grow their businesses, but the three traditional levers – pricing increases, expense control (including claims), and investment management – offer limited options if one wants to not drive customers and prospects into the arms of competitors.

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Innovation Roadmap for the Insurance Industry

Yaron Lavie, Earnix’s Vice President of Products, takes us through a tour of the entire Earnix Intelligent InsurOps solution, encompassing Pricing, Rating, Personalization, Telematics, and now, Underwriting, all sitting on a solid foundation that provides full integration and operationalization: Intelligence, Governance and Automation.

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Making the Case for Change

“The benefits of implementing a pricing and rating solution like Earnix is to give the pricing analyst full control over the end–to-end process from analysis all the way to implementation.” Watch this interview with Steven Caluori, AVP of Pricing, Co-operators.

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