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Leveraging Intelligent InsurOps to Relieve Upward Pressure on Premiums

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The impact on claims from diverse forces as inflation, rising interest rates, altered driving patterns, cyber threats, and extreme weather events, to name just a few, create scenarios with upward pressure on premiums and highly uncertain outcomes.

In this environment, prediction with any degree of certainty is next to impossible, placing a premium on resilience, agility, and flexibility. Those qualities must be infused into insurers’ organizations, infrastructure, and software applications in order to survive and thrive.

In this eBook, we’ll examine:

  • Some of the most potent forces shaping the next decade and putting pressure on premiums in the insurance industry

  • Recommendations for building a resilient organization to mitigate effects of uncertainty

  • Technological infrastructure and software stack required to support a resilient organization and to deliver intelligent insurance operations

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