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Overcoming Legacy Challenges

Many insurance companies today are implementing new technologies to overcome legacy pricing and rating processes and digitally transform their business. As they do, they’re seeing how innovative new insurance technology platforms can help develop and deploy new, highly targeted and personalized offers much faster. This infographic looks at 5 challenges and solutions that address the impact of legacy insurance technologies.

Innovation Roadmap for the Insurance Industry

Innovation Roadmap for the Insurance Industry

Earnix’s Model Accelerator overcomes software constraints by allowing Data Scientists to choose their preferred tools for modeling. Now, any machine learning model can be imported seamlessly into Earnix for underwriting, pricing and rating.

Modernizing & Upgrading Insurance Underwriting

With new technology and the assistance of a reliable and knowledgeable partner, insurers can move rapidly to generate improved business results. Now is the time to move forward with modernizing and upgrading underwriting in insurance.

Winning in a Changing Insurance Landscape with Agile Operations

If insurers want to be able to keep up with changing customer expectations and shifting market conditions, one thing is certain: they need to be a lot faster.

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Why Speed to Market is Changing the Insurance Landscape

For insurers who can overcome challenges caused by legacy pricing processes, speed to market is a very real opportunity to differentiate, win more business, strengthen the bottom line and gain a sustainable advantage over the competition. This infographic shows how all of this is more than just possible—it’s achievable with the right technology solution.
The Personalization Gap

The Personalization Gap

Delve into all the statistics needed to evaluate your position concerning your competitors.