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Unsecured Loans: Price and Product Personalization Are the Name of the Game

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“After a year of significant growth, unsecured personal growth originations are likely to stay below 2022 levels as lenders reevaluate their risk appetite in this climate of economic volatility. Lenders are likely to turn to additional insights such as trended data in determining which loans to approve. As delinquencies rise, lenders will continue to tighten their buyboxes, driving lower unsecured personal loan originations in 2023. Net-net, we still anticipate consumers to have a healthy appetite for personal loans."
TransUnion 2023 Consumer Credit Forecast, December 2022

So, What Does it Mean for the Lenders?

Lenders wanting to maintain their competitive advantage and capitalize on the healthy demand for unsecured loans need to be looking for ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Additionally, there is a need to consider pricing competition amid market volatility, rising interest rates, and increasing cost of funds.

This eBook will:

  • Offer direct insights into how personalized loans are changing the way banks sell their products.

  • Explain what loan personalization entails.

  • Explore the fundamentals of digital loan personalization, and the tools needed to support them.

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