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GIPP’s Impact on Pricing

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This webinar hosted by Consumer Intelligence & Earnix will give you a comprehensive view of the insurance market as we delve into the significant changes brought about by the General Insurance Pricing Practices (GIPP) amendments.

In this session we will focus on:

  • Pricing Transparency and Fairness: Assessing how GIPP has improved transparency, reduced price discrimination, and enhanced fairness in insurance pricing.

  • Consumer Impact: Analyzing the effects of GIPP on customer outcomes, affordability, and access to insurance products.

  • Market price index for quoted premiums for home and motor (UK). Plus, the trend for number of brands quoting

  • Pricing Models and Techniques: Exploring the changes in pricing strategies and methodologies employed by insurers to comply with GIPP.

  • Market Competition and Innovation: Evaluating the influence of GIPP on market dynamics, competition, and the emergence of innovative pricing approaches.

  • Lessons Learned and Future Outlook: Reflecting on the experiences and challenges encountered during the two-year implementation period and discussing potential future developments.

Join Earnix and industry experts as we discuss the impact of GIPP and the next steps for the industry.

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