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Shockproof Mortgage Pricing in the New Normal

  • Automation
  • Pricing
  • Transformation
Tomorrow’s banks must have the ability, powered by automated processes, to quickly adapt to changes. Mortgages, as one of the most significant lines of business, are no exception. Banks will need to invest in embedding and operationalizing the right analytics for their predictive models, implement pricing flexibility, and adopt sophisticated mortgage pricing engine to manage changing customer needs and lending standards.

You will learn:
  • How banks must systemize an end-to-end pricing process that incorporates financial modelling, analytics, scenario analysis, pricing committee decisions and delivery of prices - in real time, into multiple channels,
  • The necessity of an automated pricing adjustment process, done at a high frequency (weekly, or bi-weekly),
  • Using analytics on a customer level to re-define and personalize product offerings (new segments, new customer personas, new product offerings for these personas).
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