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Earnix: How Tech Changes are Challenging Insurance Companies, Part 2

December 26, 2023

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In part two of their podcast interview, Aaron Wright, Director of Strategy at Earnix, Rob McIsaac, and Ed Medina continue their earlier discussion on industry changes, data challenges, and some of the ways that insurers are addressing unprecedented changes.

Aaron shares how customer demands, changing macroeconomic factors, and data democratization are three of top concerns insurance companies are facing today, as well as his thoughts on how to address these challenges and leverage these opportunities. "It’s going to take talented people, strategic leadership and the right technology to bring it all together. Companies that are weighed down by legacy technology and slow innovation will find it hard to keep up, though. The data science arms race, if you will, has already begun. The winners are going to be those that can effectively bring together the people, the processes and the technology necessary to implement these solutions." 

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