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Reuven Shnaps on Outstanding Claims with the Price Writer

December 26, 2023

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Reuven Shnaps, Earnix's Chief Analytics Officer, joined host Jeremy Keating on the Outstanding Claims with the Price Writer podcast to discuss his professional journey, time at Earnix, and thoughts on the future of the insurance industry. 

Reuven discusses how his 18 year tenure with Earnix gave him a unique seat to watch and shape Earnix as it grew from small startup, to unicorn, to leader in pricing and rating solutions for the insurance and banking industries. Reuven and Jeremy discuss the original challenges Earnix faced, how they have evolved, and lessons learned along the way.  

They also discuss difficulties with the insurance industry, including its conservative nature which makes for slow moving progress. Reuven shares how personalized customer treatment and pricing tools help companies stay present in the new digital age, as well as his predictions for the future of Earnix and the insurance pricing industry. Reuven's vision for the future of pricing includes leveraging data to make more informed business decisions. Earnix does this by providing tools to help companies operationalize different insurance models, while also developing solutions to bridge the gap between analytics and business. Finally, Reuven says that the true vision for the future is closing the loop between insights and corrective actions, which will hopefully come from an autopilot mode of online machine learning model.

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