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2023 Industry Trends Report: Insurance Operations in a Changing Industry

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To say that the insurance industry is currently changing would be vastly understating the impact of so many new developments and market conditions. Insurance carriers today are confronted by unprecedented change, coming all at once and from a wide range of factors.

Whether they’re reacting to continued inflation and supply chain issues, postpandemic workforce dynamics, climate change, new and more aggressive competition, indecision about emerging technologies – or all of the above – 
 insurers now find themselves at a pivotal inflection point.

To help insurance executives understand new changes in the insurance industry and how insurers can successfully respond, Earnix partnered with the Market Strategy Group, LLC to conduct a comprehensive independent research survey to uncover all these issues and more.

This report summarizes key findings from the survey to show how other insurers are thinking about and reacting to so much change. It also highlights real opportunities any insurer can put into practice now, not just to survive this period of upheaval but to truly thrive.

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