The AI-Driven Pricing and Analytics Platform for Financial Services

Introducing a real-time, AI-driven pricing, analytics, and digital decisioning platform. Featuring dynamic pricing, product personalization, and an enterprise rating engine with analytical underwriting capabilities. We help insurance carriers, banks, and lenders quickly adapt to market shifts, resulting in fast and accurate rate updates and improved profitability while maintaining strong adherence to compliance standards. 

Earnix for Insurance

Earnix provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables insurance carriers to price, rate, and underwrite more effectively, driving better and more profitable business outcomes.  Many insurers struggle to keep up with market conditions because of organizational silos, manual processes, and old, inflexible technology.  Earnix inserts a new SaaS layer into your existing tech stack that adds intelligence and agility to everything you do by pulling everything together into a shared system that allows for collaboration and governance across teams and across processes. You’ll love it because you will get better business outcomes more quickly.  Our customers have shown measurable improvement in profit margins and sales volumes.   

Insurance Leaders Choose Earnix

Thanks to Earnix, we can now develop, deploy, and refine pricing models much faster than before. This has helped us personalize our insurance offerings for our customers and given us a new competitive advantage. Earnix has been a game-changer for us.

-Deb Upton VP, Pricing & Actuarial, Gore Mutual

Earnix for Banking and Lending

Earnix digital decisioning solution allows lenders to overcome challenges related to managing portfolio risk, loan profitability, origination volume, speed to market, and regulatory compliance. Earnix leverages price optimization to transform the way pricing strategies are created and deployed, allowing business managers to analyze, simulate, approve, and deploy rates on a single platform via role-based workflows in real-time. With Earnix, the power of AI will help you find the “sweet spot” for your loan prices and grow profitability across the entire consumer lending portfolio, including unsecured loans, cards, auto finance, mortgages and more.  

Banking Leaders Choose Earnix

We partner with Earnix to help us improve our speed to market, to help automate a lot of our back-end work, improve the quality of our data and the controls around our systems and our operational risk. And, of course, to help us really be precise with how we advance our pricing.

-Head of Pricing & Analytics, US-based Fortune 500 Financial Services Group

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