Customers want meaningful, personal engagements with insurers and banks. With each tailored interaction, these institutions can build more valuable relationships. But the technology they’ve relied on for years can’t deliver the intelligent, data-driven experiences customers expect. To become a long-term, value-adding partner, insurers and banks need a new way of working.

Leave yesterday’s technology behind

Once strategic, legacy systems that were deployed decades ago cannot provide the innovative, cutting-edge capabilities that are required today. Insurers and banks need an ecosystem of intelligent technologies to unlock new revenue streams, expand views of risk, and accelerate the pace of change.

The answer is Intelligent Operations

We unlock new strategies, processes, and an evolving ecosystem of technologies to transform how insurers and banks operate. Beyond today’s disconnected status quo, this agile new approach helps our customers seize new market opportunities and serve their modern customers:

Personalize product offers and customer experiences in real-time

Accurately and quickly respond to market changes with agile operations

Accelerate speed to market with AI-driven rating and dynamic pricing

Streamline new innovation through an ecosystem of composable solutions

Act on strategic initiatives faster with dynamic decisioning

Transformative technology and advanced analytics

Our flexible, composable technology empowers internal technical teams to reimagine business operations. By putting industry-leading analytics into action, we empower our customers to make more informed, dynamic decisions at every level of the organization.

Intelligent operations in action

“Thanks to Earnix, we can now develop, deploy, and refine pricing models much faster than before. This has helped us personalize our insurance offerings for our customers and given us a new competitive advantage. Earnix has been a game-changer for us.”

– Deb Upton VP, Pricing & Actuarial, Gore Mutual

Transform how your business is run

Earnix delivers Intelligent Insurance and Banking Operations through our real-time AI-driven Enterprise Rating Engine with Analytical Underwriting, Dynamic Pricing, Product Personalization, and Customer Engagement Solutions.

Reimagine insurance and banking with our agile, composable and real-time solutions.

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