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Earnix’s Solution Enhanced Through New Collaborative Capabilities

April 8, 2021

Earnix’s robust platform has been expanded to include a project sharing feature enhancing governance, agility and collaboration between the rating, pricing, risk, and underwriting teams

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Earnix, a global provider of advanced rating, pricing, and product personalization solutions for insurers and banks, announced a newly enhanced capability that facilitates project collaboration across risk, pricing, rating and underwriting teams. Integrated within Earnix’s end-to-end solution, this capability allows teams to act with greater agility and visibility. By leveraging projects across departments, geographies or brands, insurers and banks can become more effective in offering personalized prices, rates and products, while responding to consumer needs faster.

“Earnix’s mission is to provide pricing excellence through its AI-powered solution in a way that is smarter, faster and safer. We help insurers identify and meet consumers’ needs proactively by combining the power of innovation, speed and smarter analytics with an agile approach in a single end-to-end integrated system,” said Udi Ziv, CEO at Earnix.

“This capability is critical for insurers and banks in building highly collaborative teams and effective workflows. Tapping into project-sharing allows teams to allocate resources more efficiently across brands and geographies and deliver rates and prices to consumers faster. With every product enhancement, we also aim to further increase governance and control capabilities, which are mission-critical,” said Yaron Lavie, Vice President of Products at Earnix.

Earnix’s new project-sharing feature extends the capabilities of its robust platform. Earnix continuously enhances its products to further empower insurers and banks to provide dynamic rating and pricing solutions that meet consumers’ needs in real-time with highly personalized product offerings.

About Earnix:

Earnix is a leading provider of mission-critical systems for global insurers and banks. Through Earnix, customers can provide prices and personalized products that are smarter, faster, and safer in full alignment with corporate business goals and objectives. Earnix’s customers deliver over 1.4 billion quotes per year through Earnix’s solutions, offering systemized, enterprise-wide value with ultra-fast ROI. Earnix has been innovating for Insurers and Banks since 2001 with offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Israel.
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