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Introducing the Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator

Earnix Team

27. July 2023

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The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator

A pre-built, proven integration enables real-time syncing across underwriting, pricing, and rating systems to increase speed to market, eliminate manual steps, and improve profitability.

Today, insurers just don’t  have a real-time, bi-directional integration between their policy admin system and their underwriting, pricing, and rating engines.

Such a siloed approach inevitably results in processes that are … well, let’s just say so 2022. From an internal perspective, your team members must enter data manually or do too much recoding – both of which wastes precious time and leads to costly mistakes.

It would be one thing if these inefficiencies were simply an accepted – but painful – cost of doing business and didn’t affect your results in the market. Yet this lack of an integration can put you at a real competitive disadvantage. 

For example, so many manual steps, inter-departmental handoffs, and extra workarounds can significantly slow your time to market. At the same time,  pricing and product development teams are ill-equipped to proactively respond to changing market conditions and could cause you to fall behind competitors who are able to get new offers to market a step ahead. 

As a result, it may be difficult to hit key goals related to customer acquisition, retention, growth, profitability, and other targets. 

Ready for the good news? Earnix now removes all of these challenges with the Earnix Price-It™ for Guidewire Accelerator

Integrate, accelerate, and gain a new edge

The real-time, bi-directional integration between Earnix and Guidewire makes it faster, easier, and less expensive to develop and introduce new, highly compelling insurance products and win more business. 

The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator enables true agility and full distribution across critical insurance operational systems, helping insurers use more data and intelligence to develop more competitive products, get them to market faster than ever before, and accomplish their most important goals.  

More importantly, the integration between Earnix and Guidewire can help you achieve the following advantages and benefits:

  • Improve productivity for a faster ROI: The pre-built integration offers a faster path to ROI by significantly reducing the need for custom development work, streamlining internal processes, and creating new efficiencies. 

    In addition, you’ll be able to free employees from existing manual efforts so they can focus on higher-value, more strategic initiatives.

  • Increase your time to market speed: Any changes in one system appear in the other in real time, without the need for manual effort.  This is a critical advantage in creating more efficient internal processes, introducing new products, and rapidly responding to market changes – without recoding or reconfiguring.

    Where some pricing and rating updates can take several months, this new integration now enables insurers to make pricing changes in less than 30 minutes or create and deploy a new rate in less than 72 hours. 

  • Plan for an easy migration to Guidewire Cloud: If you implement Earnix with an on-premises version of Guidewire, you’ll immediately benefit from the use of a comprehensive pricing and rating solution. Yet you’ll also pave the way to an easier transition to the Guidewire Cloud for greater performance, security, and governance.

  • Deliver better business results: With the ability to develop and deploy more compelling offers increases your ability to reach consumers now expecting faster, more personalized offers. This goes a long way to helping you win more business and doing it more efficiently – key to improving your overall profitability. 

The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator gives you a pre-built, proven integration to save time, eliminate manual steps, and increase productivity. Yet it also delivers a better way to develop more competitive insurance products to connect with consumers, win more business, and increase profitability. 

Interested in learning more? Download the Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator brochure today. 

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