The Earnix Price-It™
for Guidewire Accelerator

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Our pre-built, proven Guidewire integration helps you save time, eliminate manual steps, and increase productivity. Yet it also delivers a better way to develop more competitive insurance products to connect with consumers, win more business, and increase profitability.

Christina Colby, Chief Customer Officer, Guidewire
The need for a more streamlined approach

Attempting to integrate a core policy admin system like Guidewire with a best-in-class rating engine can be a complex process.

Now there’s a solution: The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator. While it was possible to effectively integrate these systems together in the past, this seamless connection now simplifies the process and expedites your time-to-value. All to give you faster access to more information to develop and deploy better products. 

Integration challenges

Without a real-time, bi-directional integration, you’re left with an inefficient approach to managing product changes across policy admin, underwriting, pricing, rating, and other critical aspects of your business.

This means that creating, updating, and managing vital data leads to manual recoding and data entry efforts, wasting precious time and leading to costly mistakes.

A proven integration. Transformative results.

This powerful integration between Earnix and Guidewire enables updated data to appear instantly in both systems. A change to a product definition in Guidewire dynamically appears in Earnix, and vice versa. It’s never been faster, easier, and less expensive to develop and deploy more compelling insurance product offers and win more business.

The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator delivers powerful business results:
Quick path to ROI
Efficient product development
Faster time to market
Improved profitability
30 Minutes

To change a pricing rule vs several weeks without Earnix and Guidewire

<72 Hours

To create and deploy a new rate, down from six months

The foundation for a new competitive edge

The Earnix Price-It for Guidewire Accelerator enables true agility and full distribution across insurance operational systems. Leverage intelligence to develop more competitive products. Get them to market faster than ever before. Exceed customers’ expectations and improve profitability.

Discover how all of these benefits are not just possible, they’re achievable with Earnix.

"The Guidewire and Earnix offering is one of the most powerful, agile rating ecosystems in the insurance space. With both Guidewire and Earnix built on top of solid cloud platforms, we never experienced any technology limitations in scaling up our rating ecosystem, serving thousands of quotes in a day while allowing our actuarial team to make high confidence rate changes within hours. The power, flexibility, and extensibility of the integration between Guidewire and Earnix supports everything we throw at it.”

VP of Technology
Prominent North American insurance carrier