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The Need for Truly Human-Centric AI

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April 2, 2024

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Let’s face it: generative AI has incredible potential and is already transforming so many individual tasks and business processes. It’s clear that AI is much more than an incremental technological improvement. It’s an exponential leap, a once-in-a-generation type of development with the potential to change virtually every aspect of business as we know it today.

But we’re not quite there. AI is not yet capable of replacing human employees and is best used to complement employees’ strengths. This is the concept of “human-centric AI,” or the idea of using AI to augment human capabilities by automating tasks, improving speed and efficiency, and enabling them to do their jobs better. 

Human-centric AI is a complex concept that includes sub-topics such as human controls, transparency, fairness, explainability, inclusiveness, education, and other related ideas. Above all else, human-centric AI recognizes that people are critical in its design, operation, and use of technology that reinforces and even improves employees’ abilities – and doesn’t look to replace them.

Why Do We Need Human-Centered AI?

As promising as the technology is, generative AI still presents some concerns, especially when it comes to implementing it in a responsible, human-focused way. Consider the following research findings:

  • In KPMG's 2023 CEO Outlook survey, 57% of business leaders expressed concerns about the ethical challenges created by implementing AI.

  • In KPMG’s Global Tech Report, 55% of companies reported that they were delaying automation decisions and progress due to concerns about how AI systems would make decisions.

  • An Accenture research report, “Reinvention in the Age of Generative AI,” found that 96% of organizations support government regulation around AI, yet only 2% have fully implemented responsible AI across their organization.

These findings demonstrate just how important it is for any company to develop well-designed strategies to make sure they use AI in a way that is responsible, transparent, and leads to better outcomes for employees and the business.

An Opportunity to Achieve More

In some ways, the core idea – and main concern – behind human-centric AI is one that we’ve experienced before.

The introduction of so many new technologies in the past – including examples such as desktop productivity suites, enterprise software, and robotic process automation (RPA) –  raised real questions when it came to employees and their role in the workplace:

  • Would these tools ultimately replace employees?

  • Would technology help “re-skill” workers so they could do their jobs faster and more productively, and find new ways to contribute to the business?

  • How should companies balance the ethical use of these technologies with new ways to get ahead?

Human-centric AI acknowledges these questions and looks to develop the best strategies to take full advantage of AI. For example, while many companies might initially look at AI-driven automation as a way to cut costs, they’re learning that empowering employees can be a way to help them grow revenues, increase profitability, win market share, provide enhanced customer service, and achieve so many other impressive results.

A Deeper Dive at Earnix Excelerate

At Earnix, we want to do all we can to help our customers use AI as responsibly and as effectively as possible. We are making human-centric AI one of our main pillar topics at this year’s Earnix Excelerate conference to be held in London from September 25-26, 2024.

This year’s event is your chance to Unlock Your Innovation Compass for your organization, gain new insights, and rise to new heights of success. You’ll learn from the brightest minds in the insurance industry and bring home proven best practices to improve your organization’s agility, growth, and profitability.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with industry leaders to uncover good ideas and best practices to help you implement AI responsibly and in alignment with your core values. We’re also looking forward to sharing specific examples and use cases showing how insurers can implement human-centric AI for maximum benefit.

Stay tuned for more information—especially as we continue to announce new speakers, topics, and presentations—or for more information, visit the official Earnix Excelerate site today.

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