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Scenario Simulation and Price Optimization for Consumer Lending

Learn the ins and outs of “what-if” scenario simulation, optimization, and pricing strategies’ comparison and how these tools help eliminate the use of manual spreadsheet analysis and improve your daily tasks, and help you reach your goals.


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2024 Predictions: Navigating the Horizons of P&C Insurance

This webinar brings together industry influencers who will share their insights on the economic, technological, and regulatory shifts set to reshape P&C insurance in 2024. 


ITC 2023: AI and Analytics: The Landscape

David Howland, Chief Marketing Officer at Earnix, shares valuable insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics for transformative business outcomes. He delves into 5 key learnings that every insurance carrier should closely pay attention to.


ITC 2023: Using New Tech to Uplift Your Legacy

Robert Pick, EVP & CIO at Tokio Marine North America, dispels insurance technology myths and explores aspects that may seem daunting for insurers. He also delves into how insurers can transform the industry, outlines key success requirements, and explores ways to make it all work.


ITC 2023: Innovation at Speed

Will Murphy, VP Technology Solutions Alliances at Guidewire, discusses the accelerating pace of change in insurance. He explores strategies for improvement, speed, and cost reduction. Additionally, he elaborates on the Earnix and Guidewire partnership, emphasizing its coherence and benefits.


ITC 2023: Change Management in Insurance

Ruth Fisk, Head of Business Development at Earnix, moderates a panel discussing how carriers can define, predict, benchmark, measure, track, and report on the ROI and impact of change management.


How to Retain Market Share Amid Declining Auto Originations

Doing business with a smaller pool of customers amid rising interest rates puts a spotlight on risk assessment, competitive pricing strategies, profitability, and market share. Do auto lenders need to make strategic and technological shifts to adjust to the unpredictable market conditions?