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Scenario Simulation and Price Optimization for Consumer Lending

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These are some of the common complaints we hear from the auto lending pricing professionals worldwide:

  • I focus my analysis on key cells, but I don't have enough time or resources to do a granular analysis and ensure every cell in my pricing grid is priced to meet my goals;

  • I don’t have the analytical sophistication to know how/if my pricing grid is priced to meet my goals;

  • I have no scientific way of knowing how changes in my pricing grid will impact my bottom line prior to releasing them to the market;

  • I lack the ability to release rates without monthly IT schedules;

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, watch this short webcast from Earnix to understand how an AI-based pricing analytics solution can help.

Learn the ins and outs of “what-if” scenario simulation, optimization, and pricing strategies’ comparison and how these tools help eliminate the use of manual spreadsheet analysis and improve your daily tasks, and help you reach your goals.

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