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The Power of Pricing Optimization in a Tumultuous Auto Finance Landscape

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The perfect storm has arrived in today’s auto finance market. Digitalization, inflation, increasing cost of funds, evolving consumer expectations have created a lot of chaos, while urging technological and strategic shifts across the entire auto finance industry. Adding to these tumultuous times, a wave of car loan defaults is starting to emerge.

Such a climate may give some auto lenders a reason to raise prices indefinitely or pause and regroup to avoid undue risk exposure, even at the expense of eroding market share and declining revenue.

The solution lays in finding “smart pricing” strategies and the right tools to support them.

Join our live webinar to learn how you can be smarter and faster with your pricing strategies while reducing overall portfolio risk and driving profitability. We will show you how to deploy price updates as often as 2-3 times per week and reduce the percentage of unprofitable loans in your portfolio.

Topics in the spotlight:

  • Maintaining balance between volume, profitability and competitiveness;

  • Fundamentals of intelligent dynamic pricing using AI-driven technology;

  • Pricing optimization and automation for competitive advantage;

  • Proactively assessing the effects of the market changes on your total portfolio;

  • Reacting to competitive changes quickly and intelligently;



  • Will Ely

  • Solutions Architect @ Earnix

  • Michael Wright

  • Product Marketing Head @ Earnix

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