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Growing Through Change: Unleashing the Power of AI in insurance

Robin Gilthorpe, Chief Executive Officer, Earnix, discusses how AI, which has been around for years, has now become the game-changer of the hour. He elaborates on how insurers can leverage AI to solve the rapidly evolving challenges that the industry is facing today.

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Navigating Insurance Industry Changes: From Flip Phones to Smart Strategies

The insurance industry is undergoing substantial changes. In this session, Aaron Wright, Director of Strategy, Earnix, examines the shifting dynamics, challenges, and opportunities within the insurance sector.

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Unlocking Growth Through Data

Dr. Jiri Strelicky, Chief Executive Officer, CSOB, offers insights from his practical experience of broad data usage to accelerate GWP growth.

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The Strategic Power of Modernizing your Technology

In this conversation between our very own David Howland (Chief Marketing Officer, Earnix) and MAPFRE’s EVP & Chief Technical Officer, Ruben Santos, they reflect on how amidst ongoing economic challenges and uncertainty, insurers face increasing pressure to manage costs and find ways to save.

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Making Change Your Competitive Differentiator

Christina Colby, Chief Customer Officer, Guidewire Software, explains how insurers who modernize and leverage leading technologies can: engage more meaningfully with their customers and innovate more rapidly to capitalize on new market opportunities.

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Navigating a Perfect Storm: Unrest, Floods and an Energy Crisis

Elmarie van Zyl-Kotze, Head of Personal Lines Pricing, Hollard Insurance, delves into how South Africa has encountered its fair share of challenges in recent years—with the end to these challenges not yet quite within sight.

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Principled Execution: Maintaining Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth During Times of Change

David Cummings, SVP, Chief Actuary & Head of Analytics, USAA, delves into how USAA experienced the changes and disruptions that the insurance market went through, including how they dealt with these changes and how they translated into decisions.

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